19/04/2019 à 09h15
An exceptional line-up to celebrate 50 years
08/04/2019 à 14h30
First winners at Sardinha Cup give early indication of Figaro form
20/03/2019 à 09h20
Entry update: Sailing legends lay down their intent
24/01/2019 à 12h57
Dieppe // The Grand Final
24/01/2019 à 12h48
Roscoff // A celebration in the bay of Morlaix
24/01/2019 à 12h46
Kinsale // A return to Ireland
24/01/2019 à 12h45
Nantes // Race start
24/01/2019 à 11h41
The poster of the 50th edition
24/01/2019 à 11h37
The Solitaire URGO Le Figaro heads to Ireland for 50th anniversary edition
23/01/2019 à 10h24
The first Figaro Bénéteau 3s are delivered
14/01/2019 à 16h30
OC Sport opens international base for offshore sailing campaigns
20/11/2018 à 16h40
Loïck Peyron sets his sights on the Solitiare URGO Le Figaro 2019
21/09/2018 à 14h39
OC Sport Pen Duick offers amateur sailors the chance to race alongside the pros
15/09/2018 à 20h03
One Becomes Two Becomes Three
14/09/2018 à 19h43
Rising Star Simon Wins La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
14/09/2018 à 17h35
Simon Wins 49th La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
14/09/2018 à 15h30
Marchand leads at Ile d’Yeu, Simon Still On Target
14/09/2018 à 11h27
Dutreux leads on upwind to Ile d’Yeu. Quiroga Repairs at Sea, Simon Serene
14/09/2018 à 07h20
Dalin’s Podum Dream Alive At Half Way, Overall Leader Simon Has A Fight On His Hands
14/09/2018 à 00h22
Dalin’s Dream Leg
13/09/2018 à 21h38
Dalin Leads At Les Sables d’Olonne, Midnight at Ile de Re?
13/09/2018 à 19h30
Stage 4 Off And Running
13/09/2018 à 17h08
Series 49, Episode 04, 24: Leave Nothing On the Race Course.
13/09/2018 à 13h08
Massif Marine 24 Hours, A Fitting Finale
12/09/2018 à 17h00
All In
12/09/2018 à 16h38
Disappointed Dalin on the Dock
12/09/2018 à 14h11
‘King Of Biscay’ Sébastien Simon Has La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro Title In His Reach
12/09/2018 à 11h43
From the Dockside, Rookie Winner Dolan (IRL), Cherry (GBR), Roberts (GBR)
12/09/2018 à 09h59
Winner Simon: King of Biscay
12/09/2018 à 06h55
Flash: Second Stage Win in a Row for Sébastien Simon, Ireland’s Dolan is First Rookie
12/09/2018 à 05h00
Simon Leads at Chiens Perrins Mark
11/09/2018 à 18h42
Simon Sitting Pretty on Stage 4 Biscay Marathon. Cherry In the Mix in Fifth
11/09/2018 à 14h34
A Mayor Who Knows Opens the Race Village
11/09/2018 à 12h41
Simon On Top As Slow Last 100 miles Beckon
11/09/2018 à 07h25
Convergence and Catch Up. Chabagny Clings to Small Lead.
10/09/2018 à 18h40
Chabagny Taking His Chance. IRL Rookie Dolan Up to Fifth.