15/06/2019 à 19h20
One Step Beyond
15/06/2019 à 14h42
Mettraux Leads Vivi Trophy Chase
14/06/2019 à 19h00
Penalty time while Eliès focuses on a bounce-back
13/06/2019 à 19h01
Game Changer
13/06/2019 à 11h11
Late Night Frustrating Finishes
12/06/2019 à 21h40
Protests To Be Heard
12/06/2019 à 21h24
Disappointed Roberts 22nd, twelfth overall
12/06/2019 à 20h46
Adrien Hardy on the dock
12/06/2019 à 20h30
It’s Hardy’s Stage win but Relaxed Richomme gets richer
12/06/2019 à 16h16
Hardy first to cross Stage 2 Finish line in the Bay of Morlaix
12/06/2019 à 13h36
Hardy Ten Minutes Up At Portsall
12/06/2019 à 11h29
New Leader Hardy Approaching Portsall
12/06/2019 à 07h05
The Jackal is on the prowl, while Brit Harris looks strong in fifth
11/06/2019 à 19h04
Leader Richomme rolls with the pressure
11/06/2019 à 16h15
Richomme Resists And Leads Still At The Needles
11/06/2019 à 12h07
Cleared and Tacked, 20 miles to Needles Fairway
11/06/2019 à 07h11
35-Knot Channel Test
10/06/2019 à 18h33
Beware The Doldrums of Bishop Rock
10/06/2019 à 08h02
Playing the Clouds To Bishop Rock
09/06/2019 à 19h47
Eliès Leads La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro From Kinsale on Changed Channel Course
09/06/2019 à 14h46
All Change, No Leg to Isle of Man, Channel Course Instead
09/06/2019 à 11h08
Change Of Course Planned for Stage 2 to Roscoff
08/06/2019 à 21h49
VIDEO: Introducing the VIVI Trophy
08/06/2019 à 20h46
Roscoff // A celebration in the bay of Morlaix
08/06/2019 à 18h26
Seconds Out, Round Two
07/06/2019 à 21h01
VIDEO INTERVIEW: Alan Roberts & Conrad Colman
07/06/2019 à 20h56
ViDEO INTERVIEW: Tom Dolan hits the dock
07/06/2019 à 11h16
Richomme Reigns On Stage 1 of La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro In Kinsale, Ireland
06/06/2019 à 22h32
Yoann Richomme on the dock in Kinsale
06/06/2019 à 20h57
Richomme’s Victory Is Sweet After Two Year Absence
06/06/2019 à 20h18
Narrow Stage 1 Win for Richomme
06/06/2019 à 19h00
VIDEO: Passing the Fasnet
06/06/2019 à 18h02
A Three Way Battle to Stage 1 Deliverance At the Old Head of Kinsale
06/06/2019 à 14h25
Richomme Leads Tight Trio at Fastnet, Top Ten Positions
06/06/2019 à 13h01
The Programme in Kinsale for Visitors
06/06/2019 à 12h43
A Finish Tonight