Hugh Brayshaw “I’m expecting the conditions to change slightly”

Published on 12/06/2017

“Right now I have between 2 - 6kts of wind - we still have some swell in the sea which is a bit bumpy for the light wind that I have. It’s sunny and quite warm though so I am quite happy with this weather, I’m expecting the conditions to change slightly as we get closer to the land and the Brittany coastline. For this leg I have been keeping myself in the middle of the fleet, once the leaders start tacking I will start to think about it unless there is an obvious time for me to tack - its hopefully an area where I can gain some more places.”

“I prefer to go straight to Concarneau once round the buoy - there is a bit of coastline which could be quite tactical, which could be good. Tonight we are expecting a little bit more wind so I’ll stay awake for that and try to make the most of it.”


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