Skipper talks

Published on 19/06/2017

Hugh Brayshaw (The Offshore Academy), 25th overall, 1st Amateur

“I’m looking forward to this 4th and final leg of the solitaire, it’s sad that it is the last bit of racing with the 43 boats because it has been a really hard fought race and really tight, the level here is really high! But it is a good feeling with the finish in sight, it’ time to pull out all the stops and put in my best performance. The course looks very tricky especially around the start and the French coast, I am excited to be heading across the channel back to England and into home waters! I hope to be greeted with good conditions and lots of luck. Rounding Wolf Rock (my second favorite light house) will be an interesting check point and I hope to arrive here feeling good and fresh as the English coast will be tricky to navigate. One routing has us sailing in shore past Eddystone rock (my favorite light house) and another routing has us crossing the channel back to France as we sail upwind. Either way I see this leg being the make or break for this race and I won’t stop pushing until #23 and I cross that finish line!!”

Charlie Dalin (Skipper Macif 2015), 3rd overall, at 01:01 to the leader

“I’m confident. I have an easier situation than the two leaders who have everything to lose. We start on a long stage that will be complex, open, all the ingredients that I like. The first 48 hours in particular will be complicated with an explosive cocktail of weak wind and strong current. By being hard on the start of the race, there will be ways to make the gap. Then, as it is done from the East in the Channel, the current is reversed first on the back of the fleet and the deviations always tend to increase. It’s clear that this stage is a big piece, maybe the biggest piece of this Solitaire.”

Xavier Macaire (Snef Group), 9th overall, at 2:24 of the leader

” I approach the stage without looking at the standings. I will try to make a good navigation, to be fast, to establish a good strategy, if I do all that right, I will probably grab one or two places, maybe three and if I fail, I will clearly lose in the general classification! There is always a possibility that something extraordinary happens, but I do not think too much about it. The quartet in front is very solid. Nico proved it, he is the man of the situation, Adrien is fast and tenacious, he knows how to dare and often intelligently.”


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