Titans Talk Pre Start

Publie le 04/06/2017

They are bidding to become the first solo skippers to win La Solitaire du Figaro for a fourth time, Jérémie Beyou and Yann Eliès gave these short insights pre start

Jérémie Beyou (Charal): “It is a full on Figaro course. A bit of coastal stuff to start with, a front to negotiate with little secondary fronts in it, strong winds, light winds and a transition in an anticlyone. But this is a very complete leg to start with. I have not had too much time after the Vendée Globe to prepare for my ‘little’ Solitaire du Figaro.

Yann Eliès (Queguiner Leucemie Espoir): I have worked hard but I am a bit below the level I’d want to be at. But I’m ready. It’ll I’ll be looking to get all the components of my game, physical, mental and technical all start to be really automatic again and that will probably take the first and maybe the second night. I’ll be totally super serene and calm. The first bit is upwind then it is working through the first ridge, then the transition of the front probably needing to make sail changes into 30-35kts a long leg all the way across the Bay and then a ridge to finish with. I think there are five, ten or maybe even 15 guys who can do well.


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